With expertise in organic synthesis, catalysis, pharmaceutical synthesis, biochemistry, carbohydrate and  
chemical glycobiology, our scientists offer a full range of services to meet the varying needs of our customers.

  • Custom Synthesis of Milligram to Kilogram Quantities

            We have a proven track record of preparing a wide range
    of compounds on a wide range of scales. As your
    requirements expand, our scientists meet your needs in a
    timely and cost-effective manner. Since the initial synthesis of
    preparing a small amount may not meet your expanded target,
    we will adapt and adopt a synthesis that makes the best fit for
    your needs and expectations.  

  • Scale-up of Existing Processes  

    If you have already a demonstrated process and need
    it reproduced, we will meet or exceed your expectations
    in a timely and efficient manner. Along the way, we will identify and develop steps as appropriate for
    scale up or safety considerations.

  • Process Development, Optimization and Contract Manufacturing

    We develop new and proprietary process of multi-step
    synthesis. We will also develop an existing synthesis
    into a scalable process with our in-house talent and
    state-of-the-art technology. Our scientists have
    experience developing and transferring projects
    from research laboratories to kilo-lab to pilot plant.
    Once your project reaches commercializing level,
    we can offer cGMP manufacturing facilities. Your
    projects will benefit from seamless technology transfer.

  • Separation and Purification Services

    We work for you to identify and develop practical purification strategies for chemical purification or
    control of polymorphism of crystalline compounds.

  • Outsourcing

    We have compiled and audited a large database of US and China fine chemical suppliers with proven
    track records in the quality and lead-time of their products.
    When you want to source raw materials, intermediates or APIs beyond our product lists, our staff can
    also assist you to find reputable and qualified suppliers. Upon request, we can handle the search,
    purchase and shipping process for you in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Product List
Special Products

Chiral Compounds


Heterocyclics & Bases

Nucleosides & Nucleotides

Fine Chemicals

API Materials
The Professional Support of Pharmaceuticals and  Biomaterials

High Purity Monomers  

UV Blockers

Colorant RB246, RB247

Blue Monomers